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Well, in a nutshell…

Zifbox is me, Neville Ross. I am, among other things, a graphic artist with solid experience in production, systems and management. For many years I worked for Generic Publications (not always called that). Generic Publications is code for Harvey Norman, Domayne, Joyce Mayne (and others) Advertising. Started there as one in a department of two. We did everything; layout, production, copywriting, accounts, invoicing (you get the idea). Now it’s a department of 160 or so, operating from 6:00am till midnight (three shifts). For most of that time I worked as a full-time as an artist. I left there in February 2009.

While at Generic Publications I worked on all the accounts mentioned above as well as Rebel Sport, Norman Ross (the new one, not the old one) Space Furniture and other special (and not so special) projects.

Before Generic Publications worked in press and print production at McCann Erickson, Fortune Advertising and others.

I now work out of my shed at home on a huge variety of creative, production and other tasks.

…you get the idea. Give me a call or email.

I'll give you a quote, we can talk.

in a nutshell